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Welcome & Why?

Welcome & Why?

It all started in 2017 whilst riding in Italy with a group of friends.

We stopped for a coffee, the choices for a sugar free cold drink were non-existent, so over coffee sitting in the Italian sunshine, the seed of an idea for a 'good for you' drink was sown.

As essential as water is - it can be boring.


Great taste was always our priority, we started researching the drinks market in the UK & Europe & boy did we try some drinks.

We set a few rules from the very outset, no sugar, no calories, great taste - a clear liquid - simple.



We started reading labelling on drinks only to realise that many soft drinks or even so called 'healthy' drinks were hiding the fact that there were hidden sugars in their ingredients - we opted for clean and simple labelling.

No artificial colours, no artificial flavours or stimulants - we are proudly caffeine free too.

In 2019 we had nailed the taste, our packaging was wrong - we decided to give away 100,000 drinks to obtain valuable feedback on taste, always learning.

In 2020 COVID appeared, we found a way to add immune boosting Vitamin C & D to the drinks without destroying the great taste - it took a few attempts, we got there.

In 2021 we unveiled our great new branding & the new Coconut flavour.

The 2021 line up.



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Mocktails in Manchester Anyone?

Mocktails in Manchester Anyone?

The Gin1 Seltzer Award Winning Declaration Gin mixed perfectly with Number1 Sparkling Water and a twist of Orange. A cool, crisp, refreshing drink that delivers on taste yet only 58 Calories in a Can.

The Number1 Hard Seltzer

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