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Life's A Beach

Life's A Beach

The Perfect Summer Spritz


We are passionate about creating the best tasting drinks that are sugar free, no or low calories with no artificial colours, stimulants of flavours.

Back in 2019 we started mixing our Number1 Drinks at Beach Clubs in Monaco & The South of France.




Our signature Cocktail is 'The Gin1', a sugar free, low calorie take on the classic Gin & Tonic.

Our Gin1 Cocktail's were going down so quickly that we had to start putting them in 1 litre jugs.





The Gin1 is a great daytime drink, refreshing & hydrating at the same time plus it's packed with Vitamins B, C & D that deliver natural energy & boost the immune system.





We added a Number1 Spritz too, this is a 50/50 mix of Number1 Sparkling Water (Lemon+Lime) with Prosecco & a few slices of peach - deliciously refreshing.

You don't have to be by a beach to enjoy them of course, we keep everything simple & you can make these delicious cocktails at home - great for the BBQ too.


As always enjoy & of course drink responsibly.










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The Gin1 Seltzer Award Winning Declaration Gin mixed perfectly with Number1 Sparkling Water and a twist of Orange. A cool, crisp, refreshing drink that delivers on taste yet only 58 Calories in a Can.

The Number1 Hard Seltzer

The Global Spirits Business - Silver Medal

The Global Spirits Business - Silver Medal

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